Governing Regulations

Water Division

Ellen Carpenter, Chief - (501) 682-0637

The Water Division is governed by the following Arkansas Pollution Control and Ecology Commission Regulations:

Regulation 1

Regulation for the Prevention of Pollution by Salt Water and Other Oil Field Wastes Produced by Wells in All Fields or Pools, effective March, 16, 1993.
(Water Division, 501-682-0656)

Regulation 2

Regulation Establishing Water Quality Standards for Surface Waters of the State of Arkansas as revised, effective November 14, 2015.
(Water Division, 501-682-0656)

Regulation 3

Licensing of Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators as revised, effective March 15, 2008.
(Water Division, 501-682-0656)

Regulation 4

Regulation to Require a Disposal Permit for Real Estate Subdivisions in Proximity to Lakes and Streams, effective July 7, 1973.
(Water Division, 501-682-0656)

Regulation 5

Liquid Animal Waste Management Systems as revised, effective September 18, 2015.
(Water Division, 501-682-0656)

Regulation 6

Regulations For State Administration Of The National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES), effective September 18, 2015.
(Water Division, 501-682-0656)

Regulation 8

Administrative Procedures as revised, effective February 28, 2009.
(Legal Division, 501-682-0892)

Regulation 9

Permit Fee Regulations as revised, effective July 9, 2012.
(Legal Division, 501-682-0892)