Water Division

Most General NPDES Permits may be completed and submitted online through the ADEQ ePortal site. See which permits may be submitted electronically:

  • Select Organization. A drop-down menu will appear.
  • Scroll to Water Division, General NPDES Permits to find form selections.
  • Before you submit your paperwork, note: Before using ePortal, register online then download and complete the ADEQ Electronic Signature Agreement form and mail it to the Electronic Signature Agreement Committee, Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality, 5301 Northshore Drive, North Little Rock, AR 72118.

Why use ePortal?

The ADEQ ePortal system is an online service that allows the public to submit electronically permit applications, registration forms, reports, and other forms to ADEQ in a secure, online environment. After submitting a form, this system also allows the progress of the submission to be tracked.

Non-Stormwater General Permits

The purpose of the general permit is to provide a streamlined National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permitting process for certain classes or categories of industrial point source discharges. Coverage under a NPDES general permit is unique in that a facility operates and discharges under the requirements of the applicable general permit rule rather than the requirements of an individual permit. The following General Permits are available in the State of Arkansas:

Please note that, facilities with existing coverage must submit a new Notice of Intent (NOI) and permit modification fee (the same amount as annual fee) to the Department, if facilities plan to add any additional outfalls after permit coverage has been granted under any of the General Permits below. Please also note that this is a permit modification fee and is in addition to the annual permit fee.
For more information in regard to these general permits please contact:
Jamal Solaimanian, P.E., Ph.D.
General Permit Section Supervisor
(501) 682-0620

List of Acceptable Systems

Company Name System Name Design Flow (gpd)
Orenco Systems, Inc. Advantex AX20 500
Ecological Tank, Inc. AquaSafe 500 500
Norweco, Inc. Norweco (Singular) 960 500/1000
Norweco, Inc. Norweco (Singluar) TNT-500 500
Clearstream Wastewater Systems, Inc. Clearstream 500N+1100 Spin Filter or a post aeration tank 500
Consolidated Treatment Systems, Inc. MultiFlo FTB-0.5 500
EnviroGuard ENV-0.75 750
Consolidated Treatment Systems, Inc. Nyadic M6-A 500
Bio-Microbics, Inc. MicroFast ® 0.5/With UV Disinfection and Post Aeration 500
Jet, Inc. Jet BAT Media 1500-Series Plants with Jet 952 UV Device and Jet 954 Re-Aeration Device 500
Aero-Tech AT-500 Treatment System with UV Disinfection 500
Fuji Clean USA, LLC CE5/CEN5 with UV disinfection and re-aeration 450

These are the systems that the Department has received and reviewed the NSF International data and engineering calculations. Based on these two items and the Department’s evaluation of the system, these systems have been deemed acceptable for the Individual Treatment Systems General Permit, ARG550000. As additional systems are submitted to the Department, they will be reviewed and the above table will be updated accordingly.