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Laboratory Certification Program

Arkansas Code Annotated (A.C.A.) 8-2-201 gives the ADEQ the authority to administer an Environmental Laboratory Certification Program and makes certification for certain environmental laboratories mandatory. The laboratory certification program at ADEQ serves the wastewater and hazardous waste community by ensuring that data submitted to the agency will be of acceptable quality. It also serves the consulting community to ensure that data submitted for regulation development, planning, permitting, or other regulatory functions will be of acceptable quality.

You can download the certification information, application and disclosure forms; or request the package by mail.  Once completed, submit the application package by mail.

Request or Submit an Application Package

Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality
Attn: QA Officer
5301 Northshore Drive
North Little Rock, AR 72118-5317
Phone: (501) 682-0937

Fees for laboratory certification are established by the Arkansas Pollution Control and Ecology Commission and included in Arkansas Pollution Control and Ecology Commission Regulation 9.

Laboratories will be billed for fees after acceptance for certification. Please do not send fees with your application.