Hazardous Waste Division

Tammie J. Hynum, Chief - (501) 682-0831

The ADEQ Hazardous Waste Division

  • Implements Arkansas' Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) Subtitle C waste management program governing the management and disposition of hazardous wastes, used oils, and universal wastes.
  • Implements the state's cleanup program for abandoned hazardous waste sites in cooperation with EPA's Superfund program.
  • Administers the State's hazardous waste program under the authority of the Arkansas Hazardous Waste Management Act (Ark. Code, Ann Sects. 8-7-202 et seq.).
  • Administers the hazardous site clean-up program under authority of the Remedial Action Trust Fund Act (Ark. Code, Ann Sects. 8-7-501 et seq.).
  • The Division has received delegation of the federal RCRA hazardous waste management program from EPA. State and federal hazardous waste management regulations and requirements are merged into a single reference document, Arkansas Pollution Control and Ecology Commission Regulation 23.

Hazardous Waste (HW) Management

Site Cleanups

Regulations, Policies, & Guidance

Permits & Certifications

Compliance & Enforcement

Lists & Databases

Contact Information

Chief:  Tammie J. Hynum  (501) 682-0831  hynum@adeq.state.ar.us

Technical Branch
Manager:  Jay Rich  (501) 682-0856  rich@adeq.state.ar.us
CERCLA Groundwater:  Dianna Kilburn  (501) 682-0844  kilburn@adeq.state.ar.us
RCRA Permitting:  Matthew Brooks, P.E.  (501) 682-0839 brooks@adeq.state.ar.us
Corrective Action Remediation:  Annette Cusher  (501) 682-0841  cusher@adeq.state.ar.us
RCRA Groundwater:  Charles Johnson  (501) 682-0832  johnsoncm@adeq.state.ar.us
Risk Assessment:  Douglas Ritchie  (501) 682-0533  ritchie@adeq.state.ar.us

Enforcement & Inspection Branch
Manager:  Penny Wilson   (501) 682-0868  wilson@adeq.state.ar.us
Compliance:  Jessica Flanigin  (501) 682-0864  flanigin@adeq.state.ar.us
Enforcement:  Penny Wilson   (501) 682-0868  wilson@adeq.state.ar.us

Programs Branch
Manager:  Vacant   (501) 683-0069   
Controlled Substance Site Cleanup:  Thomas Hunting (501) 683-1552  hunting@adeq.state.ar.us
Site Assessment:  Penny Wilson   (501) 682-0868  wilson@adeq.state.ar.us
Data Management:  Carrie Jackson  (501) 682-0863  jacksonc@adeq.state.ar.us
Environmental Professional Certification:  Terry Sligh  (501) 682-0867  terry@adeq.state.ar.us

Brownfield:  Terry Sligh  (501) 682-0867  terry@adeq.state.ar.us

Emergency Response:  Sontyna Dixon  (501) 682-0716  dixons@adeq.state.ar.us

Fax:  (501) 682-0880
Street Address:  5301 Northshore Drive
North Little Rock, AR 72118-5317

Mission Statement

The Hazardous Waste Division strives to enhance and protect health and the environment by the safe management of hazardous wastes and substances through a program of:
  • Rulemaking,
  • Permitting,
  • Compliance monitoring and enforcement,
  • Site remediation, and
  • Encouraging waste minimization and pollution prevention

for the benefit of all Arkansans.